PSA FOR OUR ART NIGHT LOVERS! We have more classes and more motifs coming for you and your creative crew!

You don’t need any previous experience, skills or equipment as your artist, Nour Huda will be there to show you how to start and finish your art-piece step-by-step. All materials are also provided, with premium colours and top-quality brushes and canvases. All you have to do is secure your spot in advance by buying a ticket!

Drinks and food from our normal menus will be available for purchase on the evening to keep you going whilst you’re putting your art skills to work.

Info + tickets below:

Barrio Shoreditch – 24th Sept, 7-9pm

Barrio Brixton – 25th Sept, 7-9pm

Make sure you use our Amigo-only code: barrio5 to receive £5 off your order 😉 Don’t say we don’t treat you!