Sat 4th July @ Barrio Shoreditch Co-founder of Electro Swing Club International; Max Pashm, heads up a brand new venture into sound, all wrapped up in that colourful Barrio packaging. Vintage music for the modern raver. Ghetto Funk, Electro Swing, Balkan Beats, Rock and Roll Remix and somuch more. Fusing iconic 20th Century sounds with a bass heavy 21st Century Twist.

This week we welcome DJ Dr.Amaqueen – A regular at Glastonbury Festival and Sunrise creator of The Electric Speakeasy and the ElectricTwisted Gypsy, the good Doktor has been providing bangers n mash from London to the South West since the early 90s. Originally in the music video world working with the likes of Primal Scream to Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth to the Happy Mondays Dr.A decided he wanted to put on the parties he wanted to go to.